Send Tokens of Love To Everyone On Rose Day This Year

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There is no flower whose beauty can be paralleled with that of the majestic rose- with its multiple different shades each conveying timeless messages of varied and consistent emotions. No wonder roses are a symbol of love- but it is not just romantic love that they propagate. From being connoisseurs of passion, friendship, commitment, trust, loyalty, and fraternity- roses speak of every beautiful emotion that we as humans are lucky to endure. Apart from making the ideal Rose Day gifts to impress someone or win over someone’s affection, these beautiful flowers also spread benevolence like no other.

Every Rose Is Unique

The flower of innocent love- the Pink Rose
Much like the blush on your face and that of your lovers when you confess your feelings of attraction for the first time ever- this pink rose knows nothing but the bliss of first love. Smiles undying and chatter never ending, we all wish we could experience these tingling emotions all over again. These are the petals that are going to be thrown aside one by one when you innocently wonder whether he loves you or he loves you not. Giggles in the air, promises made out of passion, castles built so damn high- the climb down seems impossible- first love is everything that defines perfection. You are in your own world that is as beautiful as the pink rose with all its purity and freshness. Send these are Rose Day gifts to someone you have always been wanting to ask out and watch for yourself as miracles happen- and cherish this feeling. It doesn’t happen that often- not to that intensity because you’re simply just not that young again.

But again, why should that be a bad thing? Stand back and let the queen of roses speak their message.

Of true romance and steady love- the Blood Red Roses
True love isn’t one of passion or frenzy, it is neither hurried nor whirlwind. There is only one kind of Love that stands the test of time. This love is filled with honesty, trust, understanding and following the principles of commitment no matter how hard things get- knowing that there is no one out there better who understands you. It is not one that youngsters claim to have by celebrating weekly and monthly anniversaries. With true love, the need for showing off to the world becomes completely redundant. All you want, is each other. All you seek is the company and true friendship that you can offer and receive. And such a beautiful emotion is what the red rose aims to convey.

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